Fitness training for women from anywhere in the world
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Welcome to Train with Mia

Online virtual training with fitness leader, Mia Finnegan.

You have one body, one life, it should be treated like a gift. Give yourself the gift of mind and body health. My purpose is to help you power yourself through sound fitness, nutrition and tips for life. That is how we work, that is Train with Mia.
I will help you gain feminine muscle tone, increase your metabolism and develop a clear focus for your best body and life. Are you ready?

What is Train with Mia?

Not everyone can train with a personal trainer but with me you have access to a series of virtual personal training programs that I will coach you through as you achieve your fitness best. Simply select the plan that aligns with your goals, level of independence in working out and support needs and use the strength, cardio, and meal plans to achieve your personal best body & mind. I will support you over your training program and will help you get results.